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Some of the specific benefits of pregnancy massage can include:

  • Relief of muscular tension, especially in low back, upper back, shoulders, neck, and feet
  • Reduction of stress on weight-being joints
  • Improved body awareness, including body mechanics and movements during structural changes
  • Reduced anxiety and stress during time of transition
  • Increased ease in breathing due to relaxation of muscles involved in respiration
  • Preparation of muscles used during childbirth
  • Reduced swelling of hands and feet
  • Reduced sciatic pain and leg cramps
  • Emotional support and nurturing
  • Improved sleep

During the second and third trimesters many women choose to have massage every two weeks or monthly, to provides regular comfort and support as your body changes. We offer package pricing if you would like to receive massage regularly during your pregnancy.

Experience a massage with specific attention paid to the concerns and areas of discomfort for the mother-to-be. Relieves back sciatic pain, fluid retention, reduces headaches, decreases insomnia, sore muscles, and joints. Support cushions and positioning will be used based on the pint in pregnancy. Pregnancy massage can not be combined with our Couples Massage. Gift Certificates Available.


  • One Hour: $75
  • One and a half hours: $95
  • Two hours: $140

Remember a massage is a GREAT gift for the expectant mom or new mother to get back on track with herself and regenerate!

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